Biodegradable waste

Biodegradable waste is organic garden and kitchen waste.

Kitchen waste

Food preparation waste, cooked and uncooked food waste such as meat, bones, pasta, sauce, cheese, fat, spoiled or unpackaged foods, etc.

Garden waste

Lawn clippings, grass, leaves and small twigs.
Containers must be emptied on a regular basis to ensure that the fermentation process takes place at the biogas facility, and not in the collection container in front of your building. This will also reduce the risk of the appearance of insects such as maggots and flies, as the material spends less time in the container. Regular emptying of the container is important, regardless of how full.


For defoliated pieces of wood from gardens, which is thicker than 1 cm. On seven days throughout the year, with collection booked in advance. Further information can be found here.

Separate collection

House-to-house wood collection without containers.
Biodegradable waste (kitchen and garden waste) in waste containers is collected in house-to-house collections (weekly in summer, fortnightly in winter).

Container requirement

Containers must be used for reasons of compatibility with collection vehicles. Here you will find details of where to obtain the containers.


The period of free biodegradable waste collection began in January 2020 and will continue until December 2021.

House-to-house wood collection without containers

Thin leafy branches are collected together with wood, but without the use of containers: please prepare branches in bundles (use biodegradable string made of materials such as hemp or coconut fibre). Max. diameter: 0.5 metres, max. length: 1.2 metres. Collection dates are the same as for normal biodegradable waste collection. Place branch bundles at the edge of the road/on the pavement on the day of collection.

Disposal at local recycling points

Garden waste such as lawn clippings, grass, leaves and twigs can also be taken to various local recycling points (no kitchen waste or branches).
This waste must be disposed of in official Bottmingen 60 litre green waste sacks, which can be purchased for CHF 1.00 per sack.

Green waste sacks are available from
- Coop Bottmingen
- the Bottmingen municipal administration office

Not covered by official collections

Please contact a gardening company for the disposal and recycling of larger quantities of garden waste. Addresses in Bottmingen and the surrounding area can be found via the usual trade directories.

Home composting

More structured green waste such as leaves and small branches take longer to decay and are less suitable for the fermentation process. These can continue to be recycled via home composting. Ourcompost advice service will be happy to provide you with tips and advice.

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