Communal Assembly

The eligible voters of Bottmingen constitute the supreme governing body of the commune, and exercise their rights of participation either in person at the Communal Assembly or, if provided for by law, at the ballot box. The Communal Assembly is the legislative body at the communal level.

Roles and Responsibilities
The Communal Assembly is responsible for enacting the Communal Code (the constitution of the commune) and regulations, together with the associated plans. It also approves the by-laws of special-purpose associations and institutions, as well as certain agreements. It enjoys financial autonomy within the commune, and makes decisions with regard to the tax coefficient, the budget, the annual financial statement and investment projects and loans.

A conclusive list of the powers of the Communal Assembly can be found under § 47 of the Commune Act. The Communal Assembly can be granted additional powers by the Communal Regulations, provided these powers do not fall explicitly to another communal body according to legislation.

Every eligible voter resident in Bottmingen is entitled to participate in the Communal Assembly.

Communal Assembly Dates
Assemblies are generally held on a quarterly basis in March, June, October and December.

Schulstrasse 1
4103 Bottmingen BL


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