Waste disposal charges for private households

Packaging glass, aluminium/tin, textiles, coffee capsules/pads, used oil, earth, stones, building rubble and metal can be disposed of in the appropriate containers at thelocal recycling points.

Plastic packaging is not processed separately in Bottmingen, and should be placed in general household waste sacks.

The waste disposal stickers for Bottmingen are valid for the disposal of both household waste and small bulky waste.
Household waste is collected in rubbish sacks, and each sack must be affixed with the appropriate waste disposal sticker.
Small bulky waste is collected together with household waste, and must also be affixed with the appropriate waste disposal stickers.

Waste disposal stickers are available at Coop Bottmingen, Mibo-Store, Kiosk Station BLT, Pharmacy Weiherschloss, Municipal Administration of Bottmingen (oder meinetwegen auch Gemeindeverwaltung Bottmingen).

Fees for household waste

By capacity per rubbish sack :
- 17 l: CHF 1.20 (half of a waste disposal sticker)
- 35 l: CHF 2.40 (one waste disposal sticker)
- 60 l: CHF 4.80 (two waste disposal stickers)
- 110 l bags are not longer collected

Fees for small bulky waste
Max. size: 100 x 50 x 50 cm
mattresses and rugs up to 100 x 200 cm
Max weight: 25 kg
By weight (one waste disposal sticker each 5 kg)
- up to 5 kg: CHF 2.40 (one waste disposal sticker)
- 5 to 10 kg: CHF 4.80 (two waste disposal stickers)
- 10 to 15 kg: CHF 7.20  (three waste disposal stickers)
- 15 to 20 kg: CHF 9.60 (four waste disposal stickers)
- 20 to 25 kg: CHF 12 (five waste disposal stickers)

Paper, cardboard and metal are collected free of charge.

Please put your waste out no later than 7 am on the day of collection, but no earlier than the previous evening. The waste should be clearly visible on the pavement or edge of the road, not obstructing traffic or pedestrians wherever possible.

Household waste must be placed in rubbish sacks, each affixed with the appropriate waste disposal sticker. Waste can also be collected in containers as a rule, but in this case household waste from private households must nevertheless be disposed of in rubbish sacks affixed with waste disposal stickers. The container lid must be opened before the container is emptied, so that the correct use of waste disposal stickers can be verified, and must therefore be left unlocked. This also applies to containers with automatic tilt locks.

Commercial waste can be placed directly in containers without the use of rubbish sacks. The container must be fitted with a transponder.

Place outside building in biodegradable waste container (DIN EN 840). Biodegradable waste placed in any other container type will not be collected.
Ensure regular emptying, regardless of how full (appearance of maggots, use of digestion process at biogas facility).

Bundled, or loose in container (DIN EN 840).

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