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Englisch Lesezirkel

Englisch Lesezirkel

Do you enjoy reading in English and discussing a variety of stories or books with others? Then the Page-turner Book Club in Bottmingen is just what you have been waiting for! In a relaxed atmosphere, without any pressure or the feeling that your English needs to be perfect, our reading group - led by an English teacher - meets up to share our ideas about what we have read. The leader arranges with the course participants how much reading they prefer to do for each meeting, for example short stories, novellas or some chapters from a novel.

The focus is the joy of reading and talking about a good story!

Monday 19.30 – 21.00

17. August
14. September
19. Oktober
16. November
14. Dezember

Riana Paola
am Abend
Schlossgasse 10
Irmtraud Eis
Fr. 22.50 – Fr. 30.– pro Abend
Possible at any time, to start when it suits to yo
061 363 33 05
16.08.2020 00:00
14.12.2020 00:00
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